Survey finds most people in Connecticut don’t trust self-driving cars, but they’re coming anyway


Self-driving car technology is moving quickly, and road testing will be coming to Connecticut soon. But a new survey by AAA finds that most people say they don’t trust these cars yet.

Senator Richard Blumenthal got a better feel for the latest driverless technology. He rode in one of the self-driving cars, and at one point, the guardian behind the wheel had to take over to avoid a collision.

“My heart rate was pretty high,” Blumenthal said. “Being in that vehicle is a little bit like having a toddler at the wheel.”

While the technology is in its infancy, it’s growing up quickly and will soon be in Connecticut, as Governor Malloy has signed off on four test areas in Connecticut.

Dyshawn Copeland is not sure he trusts the new technology.

“I do not agree with it no matter what, Uber please stay on the driver side please,” he said.

While Uber was testing the self-driving cars, they struck and killed a bicyclist, but Amy Parmenter, spokesperson for AAA, says the technology is developing so quickly and has been so good, it will be safer than human driver.

“More than 90% of crashes are the result of driver behavior, so if we can aluminate the driver, we are going to reduce crashes.”

And a brand new AAA survey done last month shows about 75% of Connecticut drivers do not trust the technology, but Parmenter says that’s why AAA is excited about the testing in Connecticut because the technology is almost there.

“This is an exciting step forward for Connecticut and a step into the future, and that future is coming fast.”

Right now there are only four cities and towns that can participate. No one has been selected yet.

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