NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– We are continuing out week of celebrating mom and as you pick out a gift, you want to know your money is going toward something she really wants. It’s time to spoil the ladies in your life, so what are you going to do for her? Flowers? Jewelry? Coupon website RetailMeNot surveyed moms and Sara Skirboll says what you should be doing is making a reservation.

“Number one she wants a nice meal out with her family. She doesn’t want to cook, she doesn’t want to be at home, so get her out of the house, take her to her favorite restaurant, enjoy a really nice meal with mom. Let her know you appreciate her that way,” Skirboll said.

The next thing she really wants? Anything she likes! Skirboll says 15% of moms say they want a gift card to be able to pick out exactly what they want. To their favorite store, restaurant or even the spa. There’s an opportunity to save there. You can save money on gift cards on discount sites using promo codes .

“Let’s say you give mom a $100 gift card. You may only be paying $90 or even $80. You can even find discounts between 5% and even 20% off on For any of your favorite brands, stores, retailers, even restaurants,” she added.

The survey found on average, people are spending about $58 on mom. It’s easy to turn to the obvious go-to Mother’s Day gifts. While it may be a nice gesture it may not be exactly what they’re looking for.

“The same goes with jewelry. We know that 28% of people are planning to buy mom jewelry, when in fact, the same amount, only 7 or 10 percent really want jewelry.”

Other gestures that don’t cost anything: clean the house for her or  just let her take a nap.Thursday on Good Morning Connecticut, we’ll talk flowers! If you’re going that route, we’ll find out which ones last longer, what’s more expensive and how you can make them last as long as possible.