Tax Day Tidbits


(WTNH) — The Tax Day deadline looms closer every day, but we have eight tax day tidbits to get you through the tax return process.

Wallet Hub broke down the numbers of Tax Day and found that the I.R.S. holiday generally instills a lot of dread for most people.

For instance, when asked what they would rather do instead of file taxes, the answers were pretty interesting. 35% of survey responders would rather give the birds and the bees chat to their kids instead of file taxes. Meanwhile, about 27% of people would go permanent and get an I.R.S. tattoo if it meant not having to do taxes for the rest of their life.

Filing a tax return can be rough for some.  The average American spends about 16 hours on his or her 1040 and 60% of taxpayers will seek professional financial help when filing.

Most people who call the I.R.S. for help can expect to be put on hold for at least 30 and a half minutes, and about 62% of calls to the agency went unanswered in 2015. But, if you’re dreading Tax Day because of a fear of being audited, take a deep breath; there’s less than a 1% chance (0.8%) that you will be audited.

We can all agree, though, that there’s a bright spot in filing if you don’t owe Uncle Sam — the tax refund pay out. The average refund was $2,945 dollars.

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