(WTNH) — As we approach the tax deadline, some of you may be scrambling to get them done on time. News 8 is helping you stretch your dollar with common mistakes that typically lead to an audit.

We all know when we rush, we make mistakes. You want to at least try to avoid these mistakes so you don’t set yourself up to be audited.

The time is now to get your taxes done, but if you’re filing yourself and scrambling to get them done on time, don’t let those last minute moves turn into glaring mistakes.

Green & Sklarz LLC. Partner Eric Green says the IRS is more efficient than ever before.

“You have to understand that the IRS is matching documents now, better than ever before. W2s, 1099s, 1098s, so one of the first things that would trigger an audit is a mismatch,” Green said.

Green and Sklarz partner Eric Green told News 8 double checking your paperwork is key. Make sure it’s all there.

“Taxpayers forgot to include a 1099 or the W2 or there’s a transposition where the numbers don’t match. That is what will flag the return for an audit,” Green said.

Here’s what to do if you are audited. First, don’t panic.An audit is routine. Make sure to at least respond in some way in a timely fashion and make sure you can prove the correspondence.

“Sure you do it in a way it can be tracked like certified mail, registered, UPS or FedEx, but send it in a way that you can track when it was sent,” according to Green.

If it’s an in-person audit, Green recommends having legal representation.

If you’re having a professional file your taxes for you, make sure they sign them. Their signature holds them accountable if there are any mistakes or audits conducted. Make sure you have a way to reach them so they can help you through the auditing process.