The hemp plant may look familiar. It belongs to the same cannabis species as marijuana

But, it does not have THC, which alters people’s minds. Instead, hemp has CBD.

“CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Nothing that’s going to show up in a drug test or gets you high so you’re really only benefiting from the medicinal part of the plant,” explains Shirley Clark, a licensed massage therapist.

The owner of Gold Coast Mobile Massage offers cannabis massage therapy.

“CBD historically has been known to be good as an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic,” she explained. It’s also great to increase circulation.”

She infused CBD with organic oils, developing a cream, which Clark says, triggers a reaction in the body. “You actually have something called endocannabinoid system. It consists of a bunch of receptors all over your body, in your organs, in your skin cells,” she added.  

So, pain is soothed away in people like Elke Kenyon.

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“I have arthritis in my toes, my hips, my elbows and my fingers,” said Kenyon, adding, “I am educated in that CBD isn’t THC. It’s not going to get anyone high. I was more concerned about the odor and surprisingly it’s wonderful. It smells like lavender. It’s very relaxing.”  

Kenyon looks forward to an hour of therapy twice a month. 

“And I find after a massage with the CBD oil, I get about four days of relief when I’m not taking Advil in those four days,” Kenyon stated.

“What we are finding is, when we are introducing the CBD into the massage, it’s pretty much extending the effects and enhancing them a little bit. It’s such a powerful tool to help people stay away from medications,” Clark said.

The cannabis massage therapy is not covered by insurance.

Clark does offer an introductory offer of $125 for an hour session. 

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