A no excuse story for the Billion Step Challenge!


Lewis Maturo signed on for the Billion Step Challenge nearly 2 months ago.

“I saw the report on TV. You did an interview and I said ‘well geez, I do that many steps a day. It’s easy.'”

A cold day isn’t keeping him inside.     

And the steps — “I’m close to 400,000 right now,” he says started to add up quickly — working for a landscaping business.  

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“You don’t realize it. You nave no idea you’re doing that many steps until you’re tracking it.” 

What most do not realize he says, “I work a little harder to get my steps”

Lewis is an amputee, losing part of his right leg in an accident at 21-years-old.

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But a new state of the art prosthesis has him stepping up. 

“I would never have been able to accumulate steps before this leg. It has a vacuum built in it, so it sucks the air out which in turn tightens the leg on me, so it’s part of, it doesn’t move.”     

Now — more fit than ever. 

“I’ve lost 50 pounds since I started working and with the new leg and doing the fit challenge, the Billion Step Challenge, I’ve lost 50 pounds.”  

He goes on to say, “Happy I signed up and I have to say, losing that weight definitely helped out with the leg too. My best day was 18, 971. I check it daily, yes, throughout the day. You’re helping yourself. You always want to get better. You want to get more and it gets addicting.” 

So much so that Lewis says look for him getting his steps in walking outside, despite the colder temperatures.

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