If you like high tech, this is for you! ABC News headed to Irvine, California to get a look at some of the smartest homes you could ever imagine.

We’ve all dreamed of a house that will do the work for us…like the Jetsons. And now Amazon‘s getting us one step closer.

The country’s largest builder, Lennar, has teamed up with Amazon to make the digital assistant, you know it as Alexa, a standard in every one of its new homes.

Those smart devices can run your lights, blinds, temperature, all entertainment, even the door lock and door bell.

Seeing Amazon’s hand in things from the first touch…

Inside the home, we found Amazon specialist Alicia Anderson and then the blitz of commands began.

This technology, including the WiFi it needs to run on, will be built in to every one of the tens of thousands of new homes Lennar builds across 21 states, including the Roomba

While Amazon has the lion’s share of the market, it’s a potentially multi-billion dollar business that Google and Apple are also trying to edge into.

But sometimes even smart systems like Alexa have a hiccup or two.

Cyber security experts share several tips, most critical being:

  • Know what data these devices are collecting about you – you can fine tune the settings.
  • Outfit yourself with a strong password for every device connected to the smart home device.
  • Cover cameras when not in use. 
  • Update firmware!