(WTNH) — Does your child own or use an iPhone? Two investors of Apple Inc, owning about $2 billion in Apple shares, have taken on a push for social responsibility from the tech giant on children using devices like the iPhone and iPad. The firms, JANA Partners, as well as the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (known as “Calstrs”), have released an open letter to the smartphone maker urging parents to limit access to mobile phones in order to curb device and digital addiction.

Research regarding children and usage of technology has shown that disruptions from digital technology is on the rise. Students are becoming more distracted in the classroom, less socialized with their peers, are at higher risks of suicide and depression, as well as sleep deprivation, which can create medical issues like weight gain and high blood pressure. The letter identified some of the eye-opening studies as facts as to why Apple needs to become more responsible.

Pressing Apple to take responsibility of device usage for the health of their youngest customers, JANA Partners and Calstrs outlines a recommended course of action. They’d like to see the following implemented:

  • Creating an expert committee for further studies and research in technology and child development
  • Enhancing mobile device software for increased parental controls
  • Educating parents and providing resources to allow parents to make informed decisions

Executives at companies, like Facebook, have also stepped forward in regards to the psychological connection of social media and behavior.

Ultimately, parents must take responsibility for their children’s digital and electronic usage but the members have also pushed the tech giant to provide warnings and partner with parents on education to protect well-being and health.