Load up at the start of the day when it comes to drinking water and staying hydrated, recommended Dr. Dana Cohen.  

“So, first thing in the morning, a big 16 oz glass of water with some lime and lemon for minerals and maybe a pinch of natural sea salt is really hydrating,” she said.    

But, hydrating is not a one size fits all.

Dr. Cohen, co-author of Quench, said based on new research there are fewer rules. Eight glasses a day is not necessarily the way to go.

“We’re all different shapes, sizes, we live in different environments, we do different exercises,” She explained.  

“A better more effective way of hydrating is by eating your water, by eating more hydrating foods, plant based, plant centric diet,” she added.

A drink for thought. 

“If you’re sitting all day, you’re squelching water delivery to your tissues. You want to get up and move.”

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Simple movements can also draw the water deep into your cells. 

“Your head bobbing up and down, that’s a hydraulic pump. You’re pushing fluid into your brain and out of your brain.” 

And eating whole foods has added benefit.  

“You want to get good healthy fats. So important for the cell membrane. We need that cell membrane healthy in order to get fluid in and out of the cell.” 

Not sure if you’re hydrated? Dr. Cohen says take the urine test.

“You want it to be pale-yellow unless you’re taking B vitamin. Then, it’s going to be a bright orangey yellow.” 

Your skin can also be a telltale sign.

You just want to plump up the skin…”

Dr. Cohen says you can drink too much water and it can be dangerous, but it’s rare. 

Symptoms include vomiting, headache, bloating and being disoriented.  

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