Avid cyclist making his mark in News8/Griffin Health Billion Step Challenge


Cycling is Joe Riolino’s go to workout.

“There you go Max, Thank you!” says Joe to 4 year old grandson.      

He says,  “I haven’t joined a gym or anything like that so some of the days it’s a little challenging to get out there.”

His daily goal – logging at least 10 thousand steps for the News 8/Griffin Health Billion Step Challenge. 

“I just wanted to see how I would stand you know, against other people. I always want to have 100,000 at the end of the week.”

He is JRiolino on the leader board.

“I have never been somebody who likes to see my name with a zero behind it. I always want to see something there — laughs.”  
A health scare motivated him to do something. 

“When you have an A1-C, that’s like pushing 5 and then the 5-8’s, 5-9’s, it’s like pre-diabetic. I didn’t want to go there.”     

Even more concerning — Regina, his wife of 39 years was diagnosed with cancer.  

“She is like my inspiration for doing a lot of things I do because I want to be around, help out as best as I can. Got my son’s old bike out of the shed, pumped it up with air and I started to ride a bike and that’s where I got a lot of my steps from cycling.”  

How does he track steps riding on a bike? 

He explains, “The Fitbit has a little clip on the back because it usually goes on in my belt loop.” 

So Joe clips it onto his shorts, “You don’t get a step on every stroke but it’s pretty accurate.  I mean I take a 15 and half mile bike ride which I do after work.  It takes me about an hour and 5 minutes.  I get around 5 – 6 thousand steps.”  
Max has Grandpa pushing the pedal even harder, cheering him on, “Go Grandpa go. Go! Go Grandpa go!” 

Joe says it really comes down to an active lifestyle,  “All the little tips that they always say, park a little farther away from the door.  All that stuff, you incorporate it into you day.  Going upstairs instead of taking an elevator, the steps add up.”

Joe is not on a team in the billion step challenge but he’s making his own mark.    

“When I started,” says Joe, “I didn’t even really know how much a billion was.  I mean, after I saw that we hit a million, it was just a little speck on that chart.  I started asking the guys, how much is a billion you know? I think we even had to ask Siri, laughs.”   

Joe keeps his tracker on him everyday. Last week — he got in more than 150 thousand steps. More than 22 thousand on Tuesday. 

As of today, the billion step challenge is at 271,746,344 steps.  

A shout out to steppers- the Albo Gang, Benfica #1, and Walking Ivy. 

Keep moving Connecticut!

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