(WTNH) — Looking at screens – whether it’s a phone, computer or even a television – is now a daily part of our lives. It’s hard to escape the glow of a screen throughout the day due to a world of instant connectivity; checking email, texting or spending time online and on social media can quickly add up in time.

One start-up company from San Francisco, called Front App, is incentivizing their employees to take a break from their screen. Employees participating in the #ScreenTimeChallenge can be awarded $200 for every month they successfully limit their screen time to less than 14 hours a month.

The goal is to be more present in life, personally and professionally.

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The challenge, minus the cash prize, has also been extended out to the public and is optional for Front App employees to join in on.

It’s now easy to monitor screen time usage. Many devices have rolled out features that aid in tracking time spent on a phone in an effort to stay more aware of personal usage.

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iPhones utilize a feature called “Screen Time” that can be set-up in the settings area of a device. On Androids, “Digital Wellbeing” is offered.

Get additional screen time stats and details about the challenge here.