Face App concerns: how to protect yourself and your data


(WTNH)–The FaceApp trend is taking selfies by storm — no doubt, you’ve seen your friends’ aged photos across social media. It’s even caught on in our own newsroom.

But, when you download the app, do you know where your information is going?

With news circulating about the app’s Russian parent company and its access to your data, Johnathan Stone of Kelser Corp, which specializes in cyber security, wants to clear the air about those concerns.

“Turns out it’s really just processing the photos you select and give to it,” said Stone, “so it might be a little creepy that somebody has your picture but it’s not like it’s stealing all of your photos so it’s probably just an internet buzz over something that maybe isn’t that big an issue.”

Stone says you should still be concerned about uploading your photos

“You have to think about facial recognition, how it could be used, what would somebody be able to do if they had access to an image of your face,” said Stone. “Could they impersonate you at a TSA checkpoint, or is there some online bill pay service that uses facial recognition that could use it there so always think about he worst case that could happen.”

How do you protect yourself without spending hours reading the privacy policy?  Make sure you check what the app has access to.

Stone also suggests thinking about this every time you download any app
“Always be thinking about what you’re sharing with whom, ” said Stone. “Do they need it and what would happen if the stuff you were sharing fell into the wrong hands or you lost control over it. Maybe you don’t need to share it.”

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