(WTNH) — On the second anniversary of the launch of Facebook Marketplace – a place within the social network to connect sellers and buyers of items locally – Facebook has announced powerful artificial intelligence (AI) features.

The ability to scan and identify items from photos will help build context on items that sellers are posting to Facebook Marketplace. Facebook will use AI to automatically categorize an item based on the photo and description. It will also compare similar products to suggest a better selling price to sellers posting.

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New camera features will also be rolled out soon like the ability for Facebook to recommend products that users may be interested in. The technology would eventually allow a user to take a photo and Facebook Marketplace could recommend similar listings.

Future plans also include the ability for users to upload a photo of an outfit or home design project and Facebook Marketplace offering suggestions on furniture or clothing that would fit the space or look.

Learn more about how Facebook Marketplace is evolving in their press release.