Free nutritional advice offered at a CT grocery store


Your wellness destination is just a grocery cart away for ShopRite shoppers like Pat Contaxis. 

She says, “I like salads, fruits and vegetables.” 

“I like to mix the iceberg and spinach together,” says Courtney Huggins who is a registered dietitian here. 

Courtney points out, “ShopRite is the only one that has registered dietitians in the store and we go out in the community.” 

And — the expert advice is free.

“Anything you have a question about we can answer it for you,” says registered dietitian Mary Perrino who is also available on this day.

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Mary says, “We have people with diabetes come in and ask questions about how they should eat for diabetes, how they can manage their blood sugars through food.  People are definitely thinking more about nutrition and getting way more interested.”  

Absorbing the colorful salad bar — Kevin and Jennifer Meeks.  

Mary explains, “I’m seeing a lot of olives here, olives are a great source of healthy fats in our body.”

“We’re pushing away from the table,” says Kevin, “The leftovers are gonna be leftovers instead of later on.  We’re pretty much cutting everything in half at this moment.  I’ve also joined a gym.” 

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Jennifer adds, ” And its good for your heart — laughs.” 

There’s more to this menu of good nutrition and healthy eating.

Courtney says, “We go out to the community, and we do presentations. We do cooking classes.  Anywhere there’s a group and there’s a need.”

Loading up on fresh fruit and veggies certainly has benefits. 

“I’m healthy,” says Pat, “I don’t have to go to the doctor. I don’t get sick.  I don’t get the flu.  I’m pretty good.”          

If the experts are not readily available — stop and read the labels.

It could hold the answer to your question. 

There is not a registered dietitian at every ShopRite.

So it’s best to schedule a consultation

Call 203-876-7868 or e-mail

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