Lawmakers propose “Traced Act” in an effort to prevent robocalls


In these divisive times…There’s one thing most Americans can agree on.  We hate robocalls.

According to data from robocall tracker YouMail, more than five billion calls went out last month; That’s 168 million every day.  And the average person got about 16 each.

There’s now a unified effort in congress to track down and punish the phone scammers.

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz (D) said, “It’s an issue that crosses state lines and party lines and phones lines and is uniting all Americans.”

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R) is a co-sponsor of the bi-partisan “Traced Act”.

Senator Capito said, “we are giving the FCC more teeth.”

She said the bill gives the FCC more time to charge and prosecute violators. In addition, it increases penalties to $10,000 per call.

Members of the telecom industry support the legislation and encourage not just heavier fines, but stronger criminal penalties for repeat offenders.

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Mr. Kevin Rupy from US Telecom – The Broadband Association said, “Put the people who are making them behind bars.”

Senator Capito tells me the Traced Act would also force phone companies do more to stop robocalls. The bill requires companies to implement technology that identifies and tracks spam callers.

Senator Capito said, “The technology has advanced so that they are harder to detect, they are harder to disrupt and harder to block.”

Capito said she’s confident congress will soon approve her bill. If it does become law, supporters say it would be a key weapon in the fight to end robobcalls.

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