Location-based reminders: helpful feature to remember reusable bags at grocery store


(WTNH) — With Connecticut’s plastic bag tax beginning on Thursday, August 1st, it will take some time to get in to the habit of bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store in an effort to avoid a 10 cents tax on each bag used.

Many people either bring or store the bags in their car, however, may forget them in the trunk or backseat when arriving at the grocery store, only to remember they had the bags upon checking out.

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A free feature that exists on iPhone can help set location-based reminders so that the bags – or even items you need to purchase – are not forgotten during your grocery store trip.

The feature, on iOS 8 or above, is simply called “Reminders” and is easy to set-up.

Here’s how to ensure that the Reminders app has access in to your phone’s Location Services by following these steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Privacy’
  3. Click on ‘Location Services’ – you should ensure this is toggled to on. You’ll also be able to see a full list of apps that have access to your location, which can be turned off or on at any time.
  4. Scroll to ‘Reminders’ and ensure that you’re allowing location access “While Using the App”

Next, open your Reminders app. This app is built-in to your phone already, no need to download any new apps.

Here’s how to create a location-based reminder which will pop-up on your phone when you arrive to the location.

  1. Find the app by pulling down on your home screen until a search toolbar appears. Type in “Reminders”
  2. Click the “+” sign to add a new reminder
  3. Type in what you would like the reminder to say
  4. Click on the info button, “i” to the right of the text that was typed in
  5. Tap on “Remind me at a location” and ensure that is selected
  6. Find the location you would like the reminder to be associated with
  7. Select it and tap on “When I Arrive” to get the pop-up when you arrive

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