MAKING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: How a Farmington man became a YouTube sensation


By day, Carl Murawski works construction, but by night, he’s a YouTube phenomenon. 

36,000 subscribers, millions of views, and he does it all from the spare bedroom in his Farmington home. 

It all started as a way to share his passion. 

“Some guys are into sports, but I love gadgets and things that are really well made and have a hand-made feel to them,” said Murawski. 

Work boots, belts, backpacks – if it’s well-crafted, he’s talking about it. 

“Somebody who’s spending their hard-earned money needs to know what the biggest bang for their buck is,” he said, “Not just the best advertised thing is.”

His early videos were shot with just an iPhone and have evolved into high-quality productions. 

“I wanted to make it as beautiful as possible,” said Murawski, “So the visuals and the broll and the product shots, I wanted them to be gorgeous, and unfortunately one of the ways to do that is expensive camera gear.”

Video quality is one way to set yourself apart. The other way: He says you need to know your audience

“The guy who typically watches my video is probably a blue collar guy,” said Murawski, “He’s not the flashy guy.”

Companies do send him expensive products to review, but he says the money he makes from ad revenue is about as much as he could make at a part-time job. 

“If you are looking to make money, there are much easier ways to do it.”

He’s happy at his full-time job and, despite his impressive following, has no aspirations to become a full-time YouTube reviewer. But, through creating this channel, he’s realized he has quite a knack for video. 

“Doing this has helped me get into that, and I think I’ve started to discover a passion I didn’t realize I actually had.”


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