West Haven Company focuses on health and happiness


Healthy and happy feed this green ground. Seeds,  to a bountiful bottom line at Watson Inc. 

Planting produce.  

“I took my tomatoes, I ate them.  I took my cabbage. I ate them. (rubs his tummy),” says Francis Mendoza. 

Fostering friendships

Gavin Watson says, “All of a sudden, people are meeting that have never met before.  They’re learning things, if they’re not a gardener.  If they don’t know anything about it, they’ll team up with somebody who is.”    

Watson is among the third generation running the family biz — which supplies premixes and ingredients for the food industry

The 330 employees  he says is why the company provides what’s needed for this fellowship garden,   “Our vision statement, we say is we are an invested fellowship, fostering health and happiness for all.” 

Mendoza, a Watson employee,  has one of 60 tracts — carved out for gardeners, “I think it’s like therapy.  When you got too much stress on the job, you come out here and work with your plants.  It’s like therapy.”

People — not just profits –strengthen the landscape.        

Watson explains, “If you just focus on the profits and if you just focus on the bottom line, you miss out on all the other stuff.  If you focus on the other things and you focus on the people and providing a truly great work environment for them then the bottom line will essentially take care of itself.”   

It’s a growing priority which more businesses should consider says Karen Clarke with Conscious Capitalism. 

“So if you focus on your employees, ” she says, “On your customer, on your partners, on your community, you can do really well by doing good.”  

Changing the lives of workers — one company at a time.

Mendoza says, “I was like eeeewww with vegetables and now when they started doing this, I started eating more vegetables, eggplants, cabbage because I was like (shrugs) you know?”

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