Which diet plan is best for you?


What’s the best way to eat? 

The Mediterranean Diet almost always hovers at the top of most lists.

“The biggest pro-A variety of food. A variety of food with this nutrient dense food meaning a variety of the macronutirnets, protein, carbohydates, fats and the micronutrients, vitamins, minerals,” said Dr. Bill Lunn, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Southern Connecticut State University.

He analyzes a plateful of studies and research focused on nutrition and exercise.

“A con would be maybe availibility and expense. It could be expensive to get some of the produce or the firsh that is sustainability sourced,” he stated.  

Among the most popular plans is Weight Watchers.

He said, “It’s not just about food and weight loss. Physical activity is big. Mood state is exceedingly important for overall health and Weight Watchers does a good job doing that.” 

The point system, Dr. Lunn said, could be a deterrant. He added, “Someone might become obsessive about meeting that point system every week or every month and they feel if they haven’t, they may feel they have failed when they really haven’t.” 

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The Atkins/South Beach programs are generally low carb and high protein, and attract strong followers.

He pointed out, “A pro you usually see, some pretty notable initial weight loss for both of them which could be good for people looking for that quick fix.” 

But Dr. Lunn said sustaining it could be challenging. He added, “They see this rapid weight loss. They say, ‘yes, this is great.’ And after a few months, it kinda plateaus and they don’t know what to do at that point and a lot of times they’ll come off that diet.”  

Finally there’s the high fat and low carb Keto Diet which gaining favor among the masses.

“For a clinical population it has been used for decades for people with epilepsy, autism, insulin resistance, diabetes to reverse those symptoms,” he said.  

His worry? 

“My concern would be for the long term, say, over 20, 30 years. If someome will be following this through their lifetime, what is going to be any health effect from eating high fat?” Dr. Lunn stated. 

He said when it comes to weight loss, exercise is just as important as what you eat.

“What’s important to realize is that exercise is medicine, food is fuel and you should love both of them,” he concluded.

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