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Yale’s DrivSim Lab accelerates research on distracted driving


When it comes to distracted driving simulators, the DrivSim Lab at Yale pushes the boundaries of realism.

The set up consists of an actual car surrounded by a panoramic screen with the driver hooked up to 120 electrodes.

The electrodes let the researchers collect data from along the scalp to the base of the neck line, measuring and collecting brain data during the critical milliseconds between distraction and reaction.

Inside the simulator, it can be surprising how quickly a life saving decision needs to be made if a car were to suddenly pull out in front of the driver.

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Nuanced distractions, such as having a conversation, are what the researchers are looking at. They are especially focused on the young drivers, whose minds are still developing.

For now, from researchers are studying the most complicated parts of the brain.

The researchers say no matter what age, keep your phone away while driving.

To learn more about the DrivSim Lab, click here.

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