CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The recent killings in Idaho are stirring up serial killer rumors. Many are drawing a comparison between the Idaho killings and Ted Bundy. But Bundy has a local connection to New England, and there are a few notable Massachusetts serial killers who’ve received national attention.

The quadruple killings in Moscow, Idaho are still under investigation by the FBI and Moscow police. While the police remain tight lipped, many are speculating on the similarities between these four killings and Ted Bundy’s bloody killings at the Chi Omega Sorority House at Florida State University. Both were described as frenzied attacks with extreme violence. John Henry Browne, criminal defense attorney to Bundy, recently told Fox News he thinks the randomness of the attacks stands out and draws similarities between the Bundy attacks. The rage against women that carried through Bundy’s killings, Browne said, was evident in the Idaho killings.

Serial killers are not just in the Midwest and Southern parts of the country. Bundy has a connection to New England, born in Burlington Vermont at the  Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in 1946. In Springfield, Stewart Weldon was arrested in 2021 for a series of murders and charged with 39 counts of kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, rape, indecent assault and battery.

Other notorious serial killers in Massachusetts include The Boston Strangler, The New Bedford Highway Killer, The Giggler, Alfred Gaynor, and Gary Lee Sampson.

Police in Moscow are investigating a white Hyundai Elantra from the years 2011-2013. No suspect has been identified in this case and serial killer connections have been identified by police. Information can be sent to or by calling (208)-883-7180.