Thawing from relationship mistakes


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Anyone in a relationship will tell you they have their fair share of ups and downs, not to mention the good and the bad. And along the way, people will often make mistakes. But, there are ways you can bounce back, and move forward from those mistakes.

Relationship expert Dr. T. Charles Brantley joined us Saturday morning on Good Morning Connecticut, to talk about “thawing” from your relationship mistakes.

Brantley began by addressing some of the biggest mistakes people make when in a relationship.

He says people sometimes put too much in, without receiving enough in return. Brantley says people need to pay attention to the warning signs.

Brantley and News 8 anchor Brian Spyros then discuss learning to be happy without another person in your life. Brantley recognizes there can be significant sadness without a significant other, but you have to work on being happy with yourself and “getting used to you”. In other words, you will always be there for yourself.

In addition, Brantley emphasizes how important it is to love yourself. “Celebrate you” as he refers to it. Treating yourself once in a while, learning a new hobby, and working on a new physical appearance are a few things Brantley says can help getting back to focusing on yourself.

Brantley then shared that it is normal to feel hurt after a break-up. He says “don’t be bitter, be better”, meaning people need to let go of the pain, in order to let go of that person that may have hurt them. Brantley say to treat a loss not as a setback, but as a setup for something better. He refers to the people holding you down as “anchors” and once people let them go, they really can enjoy themselves.

Another tip Brantley offers is writing down your feelings or thoughts. It is a great form of therapy and a way to understand yourself.

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