(WTNH) – A new report is showing the best states to work from home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies sent their workers home, and many still haven’t returned to the office.

According to a report by WalletHub, the best work from home conditions includes low costs, reasonable comfort, and a high level of security. The report identifies the most conducive states to work from home.

Out of all 50 states, Connecticut ranked the 4th best to work from home. WalletHub also broke down some of the conditions and where CT ranked.

According to WalletHub, CT ranked 20th in share of the population working from home, 24th in share of potential telecommuters, 2nd in households’ internet access, 13th in average home square footage, and 30th in internet cost.

These are the top ten best states for remote working, according to WalletHub:

  1. New Jersey
  2. District of Columbia
  3. Delaware
  4. Connecticut
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Utah
  7. Texas
  8. Washington
  9. Maryland
  10. New York

For the full report, click here.