NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Each month we let you know where you can find the best deals and now we are getting you ready for a year of savings! If there is anything you know you have to buy this year, you can really stretch your dollar if you plan your spending now. Buy that treadmill in January, a mattress in February, digital cameras in March.

Consumer Reports laid out the year by month so you know when you’ll score a good deal on certain items, now’s a good time to check it out and plan your spending wisely.

Snowblowers go on sale in August and October is when gas grills will be marked down. Although one marketing professor from the University of New Haven, Ronald Kuntze, told us right now is a great time to buy a variety of things.

“Fitbits are a great deal right now, Apple has a lot of things on sale. Because perhaps they didn’t meet some expectations with some of their new technology. 4K television sets,” he said.

He said looks for items that were overproduced for the holiday and didn’t meet expectations. Another strategy that works is hold off on seasonal items until the middle or end of the season. That’s because most retailers don’t want to rely on storage.

“Not only does it take up a lot of space, there’s a chance it can be damaged, but then they may not sell it next year because something new has come out,” Kuntze added.

If you can wait until July to freshen up your summer wardrobe you’ll do better than you would earlier in the year. Think back-to-school for deals on computers. September’s a hot month for those because stores will be competing for business going as low as they can go. The only risk you run into when you wait for deals is you may miss out on the product you really want. You need to consider what’s more important.

Wednesday on Good Morning Connecticut we’ll take a closer look at what’s better to buy right now in January and what you should hold off until February for.