The Fifth Trimester: When new moms should head back to work


(WTNH) — Attention working moms of America. There’s so much to think about when you head back to work after having a baby.

On tonight’s Nyberg, we feature Lauren Smith Brody, a working mom of two young boys and former Executive Editor at Glamour Magazine.

She’s written a guidebook for women called, “The Fifth Trimester.”

She interviewed more than 700 working moms from all walks of life to get their perspective so she could boil down what is most important and help them through the transition.

“The fifth trimester is when the working mom is born so obviously you know what the first trimesters are, that’s pregnancy. The fourth trimester as I learned when I had my first born son as a newborn is this period of time, three months before the newborn baby wakes up to the world, so you comfort a cranky baby by recreating the womb. Essentially, human babies are born three months early too early is the theory. That’s the fourth, but I found for myself and anecdotally for all these women I interviewed for the book that there’s actually a developmental phase that happens for mom after that and it’s the fifth trimester. It’s when you go back to work and in the United States, it’s very, very often before a woman is physically and emotionally ready to be there, yet she’s there,” Brody told Ann Nyberg.

“One of the biggest things that women deal with obviously and men, too, new dads as well is sleep deprivation. The moms that I surveyed on average, I asked them when they started sleeping through the night, so not when did your baby start sleeping through the night, but when did you start getting and this is a conservative approach to what’s a good night’s sleep– Seven hours in a row. It was at the seven month mark so at that point, most of these women had been back to work for months,” Brody said.

Something to think about, how tired new moms and dads are.

Brody has also launched a consulting agency to help companies do a better job of supporting new parents.

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