WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A decade later, Alex Jones’ lies about the Sandy Hook shooting still make Jennifer Hensel fear for her family’s safety.

When she gets in the car she has to check the backseat.

“They don’t know why we check the backseat. I say ‘What’s in the backseat is there a dog back there?’ We have to make sure there are no dogs back there so everything is a game right now to them, they don’t understand why we do what we do,” Jennifer Hensel said.

The day of testimony was filled with grieving families who lost loved ones inside the Sandy Hook elementary school. The last person to take the stand is a mother who says she not only lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook tragedy but later her husband as well.

“That’s me on the left and Jeremy is on the right and that’s Avielle in the middle,” Hensel said.

Sandy Hook parents are testifying about the last goodbyes and kisses on the school bus that day and the last photos taken in the classroom.

“This picture was taken, when she was in first grade in the fall of 2012 Mrs. Soto took this photo it’s in her classroom and Victoria‘s mother gave me this photo after they died,” Hensel said.

They also testified about the lies they say were put out by Alex Jones.

“Some people did not think this is a real event and that it was a hoax so we did not publicly state where Auvielle’s funeral was,” Hensel said.

Jennifer Hensel and her husband Jeremy started up a Nero Science foundation that researched why people turn violent, within weeks, she said, evil hate emails and lies started coming in.

“And attacking us as actors and telling us that Avielle did not exist and that we were just trying to get money from the public and how dare we do something like that. How we were trying to fleece money from the American public and how can you do that she’s alive there is proof out there that she’s alive,” Hensel said.

It got to be so much, Hensel said after bringing two more children into the world, her husband took his own life, and people showed up questioning his suicide.

“People were in the cemetery around Avielle’s grave marker looking for evidence that Jeremy had died,” Hensel said.

She said the hate she’s received in emails from people who call her husband and daughter‘s death fake, is so intense she fears for her life and the lives of her two young children.