Conn. (WTNH) — This week, News 8 is kicking off its 75th-anniversary celebration as the longest-running television station in Connecticut!

In the News 8 archive room, the first drafts of Connecticut’s history have lived for nearly 75 years. These days, News 8 reporters save videos and files on computers or hard drives. But, for years and years and even decades before, News 8 saved its stories and video on physical media.

There are thousands and thousands of videotapes at News 8. And before that, it was filmed. Over the next months, News 8 is going to dip into these archives and relive moments of Connecticut history together.

On Monday, News 8 started in New Haven with a bang. This week in Connecticut history, let’s look back to January 20, 2007. It all started with a party at dawn.

More than 20,000 people turned out on a chilly New Haven Saturday at sunrise to say goodbye to a piece of history. After opening in 1972, the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum was about to die a premature death a decade after it opened. It started to crumble, and it closed officially in ’22.

And on that same January morning, two kids from Guilford, who won a contest, pushed the ceremonial plunger and blew the old coliseum into history. Long after people stopped feeling the building’s collapse quake the ground and long after the rubble settled, News 8 will hold that memory.

And now, News 8 is also looking forward to the future and seeing what’s to come.

Just two months ago, the city broke ground for the Coming Square ten project which will eventually be apartments, businesses, and a medical building.

But a lot of people around New Haven still have a soft spot for that old, quirky building that once was.