This winter has been extraordinary, starting with the extreme cold and snow earlier this winter. Thankfully now, Brandon and his pooch are on the move, doing everything they can to enjoy the warmer weather.

“Finally got some good weather coming up on us, time to come out and enjoy the weather.” Mentioned Brandon Butler of Wallingford as he hiked Sleeping Giant State Park

But unfortunately despite it being February, the tick problem is back already. If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone.

Francie Parness of Northford said, “Not usually during this weather do I think about it.”

And why would you after such a cold winter? Unfortunately it was not cold enough, and it didn’t last long enough to make a dent in the tick population. The proof can be seen at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station’s tick testing lab, where staff are busy dealing with the 40 ticks they’ve gotten from bite victims in Connecticut…over the last two days alone!

Dr. Goudarz Molaei of the Tick Testing Lab at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station warned, “It is quite alarming to see this many ticks in two days at this time of the year and that spells trouble for the weeks and months ahead of us.”

Those 40 cases are from humans alone. It’s happening to dogs as well.

“We’ve taken two ticks off of him in the last couple of weeks and believe it or not last month.” Said pet owners Jess and Linda Mallory of Hamden

So what does the future hold?

“I predict that we are going unfortunately to have a year with abundant ticks similar to last year.” stated Molaei

Meaning it will only get worse as we head into spring, so make sure you inspect yourself, your kids, and especially your pets every time you go outside before you come back inside.