CROMWELL, Conn. (WTNH) — The town of Cromwell is mourning the loss of its Mayor after he passed away unexpectedly over the weekend.

Mayor Allan Spotts served nearly four decades for the town of Cromwell in one capacity or another. Many townspeople had kind words to say but a heavy heart upon learning of his passing.

The town of Cromwell said their leader gave quietly behind the scenes, not looking for credit as he encouraged others to run for office.

Mayor Allan Spotts was there to swear in Rep. Christie Carpino as she took office for the first time.

“He believed in bringing others along, and I think that is what he is going to be remembered for, is making sure that everybody’s voice was heard, there were so many individuals in Cromwell that he encouraged to share their ideas and get involved because he loved this town,” said Carpino.

The 77-year-old was sworn in as mayor back in November but served on the board of selectmen and town council before that but people say his real service was encouraging others.

“Alan believed that everybody’s voice should be heard, with enough voices around the table we could get to the right answer, and I think that was what was so wonderful about him, he was a mentor to me, and a dear friend and I think that is why,” added Carpino.

Mayor Alan Spotts was an active member of the community and he in several boards at the town hall. Spotts was a part of the Finance Board, Economic Development Commission, the Water Pollution Control Authority, and he was Cahir of the Republican Party in Cromwell.

“He was the first to raise his hand and say I want to volunteer, I want to do this. He’s just dedicated to his community dedicated to his town party didn’t matter, it was always what was best for the community,” shared Acting Mayor Steve Fortenbach.

Town leaders say Spotts not only served his community but also his country in the air force from 1966 to 1970 and was named Cromwell man of the year, for his work with the youth in cub scouts, baseball, and football programs.

“He was often somebody who is behind the scenes, who is helping out every group every individual and I hope that is his legacy, his love for his community and his love for his town,” said Carpino.

The Acting Mayor of Cromwell said Spotts had health issues for the last six months and that he passed away from surgery complications.