GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — In the two weeks since two Bristol officers were killed while responding to a 911 call, local communities have covered a police cruiser in flowers, donated almost $1 million the families and closed down schools so that students could attend the joint funeral.

And, now, Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury has joined the efforts to help the Bristol Police Heroes Fund by creating a commemorative bracelet for charity.

“As a law enforcement family, you feel so much for the families, and you think about your own family, and your heart goes to all the other places,” said Christina Baribault Ortiz, who co-owns the store. “For us, we just want to do what we can do. There’s no way we can do nothing.”

Her husband is a police officer in East Hartford, so the cause hits especially close to home.

The “Thin Blue Line” bracelets feature a power word written in gold on a blue cord. The bracelet sells for $68, with all of the proceeds going to the fund to help the families of officers in tragedy.

“People needed help through grief, and their own stress, and anxiety from when something like this happens, so they get to help themselves, or a gift to someone else,” Baribault Ortiz said. “They’re doing something and contributing, and that’s just beautiful.”

While the bracelets have sold out, the store is offering it “The Power to B” collection to the cause, with 100% of the proceeds from those sales going to the cause. In the meantime, its manufacturer is creating more of the “Thing Blue Line” bracelets.