BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — Hundreds of people attended candlelight vigil Thursday evening that honored two Bristol officers killed in an ambush one year after their deaths.

Bristol Police Lt. Dustin DeMonte and Sgt. Alex Hamzy were killed in the line of duty on Oct. 12, 2022. Investigators said Officer Alec Iurato, wounded in the attack, fired a single shot, killing the gunman.

Bristol residents were asked to light up their homes and businesses blue to show support and solidarity.

Speakers included the police chief, the mayor and Hamzy’s sister, Donna Hamzy.

Police Chief Brian Gould said that the two “embodied exceptionalism.”

“They are the best of us and they’ve set an example for all of us to follow,” he said.

Lori and Rob Osenkowski said that the families have been surrounded in prayer.

“The hope is right here, everybody is still showing up to support them,” Rob Osenkowski said. “The good always overtakes the evil, and that’s why we’re here.”

The night included moments of silences, photos of the officers and candles lighting up the night.

“This is something that’s unimaginable,” Kathy Flanagan said. “It’s tough being a police officer’s wife. You know, it’s every night you worry and hope that he comes home to you.”

For the community, the officers are people they said they’ll never forget.

“Never forget them, never forget their brothers and sisters, and never forget each other,” Gould said. “And, most importantly, never forget their families.”

Watch the full vigil in the player below.