MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Crews are cleaning up after trees fell on houses in Milford and North Branford Monday.

A tree fell on a house on Yale Avenue in Milford.

A tree fell on a house on Yale Avenue in Milford on Jan. 17, 2022. Credit: News 8

It was pulled out of the ground by strong winds. Crews now have the body of the tree on a truck and they brought it away from the area.

The tree service company said the homeowners were sleeping when the tree fell Monday morning. Thankfully, they were not injured.

A tree also fell on a home on Hubbard Road in North Branford. Police told News 8 the residence sustained damage but there were no injuries.

A tree fell on a house on Hubbard Road in North Branford on Jan. 17, 2022. Credit: News 8

Coastal flooding impacted towns near the shore as well. It filled neighborhoods with water, with residents waking up to flooding in Mystic, Old Lyme, and Milford.

“I was worried about the people down at the shore, getting flooded,” said Joan Brelsford of Milford. “I heard the sirens going off, the flooding sirens, and you get a little nervous.”

The storm surge became a cause of concern for the DPW.

“What I’m seeing so far is we probably received about three additional feet of water from the storm surge,” said Steve Johnson, assistant public works director in Milford.

Johnson told News 8 a community block grant for disaster recovery made the difference.

“Where we’re standing right now would have been underwater several years ago,” Johnson said. “So right now we’re seeing the benefits of being proactive and implementing a storm water system that helps provide some added shoreline resiliency.”