(WTNH) — It’s a social media sensation — hot cocoa bombs are a fun twist on a sweet treat, but local restaurants are giving them a grown-up upgrade just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So, what’s the phenomenon behind their popularity?

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“Everyone eats with their camera first. It used to be with their eyes, now it’s the camera, then the eyes, then you actually enjoy your food,” said Michael Knudsen, beverage director for Wood-N-Tap. “I think it’s just about that, and who doesn’t love hot chocolate?” 

Especially this time of year, with Valentine’s Day creeping up. One local restaurant group is taking the trend a step further (and for the 21-plus audience).

“Our little spin on them is actually incorporating some liquor into these,” said Knudsen. “You know we’ve seen trending online. People are digging these hot chocolate bombs so we thought, ‘how can we take it to another level? Do something different and actually incorporate a cocktail into that hot chocolate bomb?’ So that’s kind of where we live here.”

There’s actually a lot of science that goes into these hot cocoa bombs. The Wood-N-Tap team found a way to solidify the booze inside every bomb.

“We use a natural gelatin that actually when brought up to a certain temperature creates a molecular bond with the liquor so it solidifies the booze. That allows us to put that into the chocolate bomb itself.”

They’re complicated to make behind the scenes but easy for you at home: Pour hot milk over the bomb and, in moments, everything melts together. They’re expecting this spin on the comfort food to hit the spot.

“Whether that’s trying something outside the norm that they wouldn’t usually try, or twist on something that is nostalgic to them, and I think this is just that.”

The hot chocolate bombs are available now. You can find them at Wood-N-Tap locations across Connecticut.