DARIEN – Here’s a lesson in grabbing attention. Head to a hot app, talk fast, show fun products, and share important information.

Meet Shannon Doherty – of Darien not Beverly Hills – whose public life has taken-off since March.

“The pandemic started,” she explains, “my kids and I were home, my business was shut down, my mom said, ‘You should try this app TikTok,’ and I started posting!”

Posting helpful hacks to get parents through the health crisis. A popular post details ideas for staying germ-free.

“I created a little healthy station by our front door and separated masks by child, and fun hand sanitizers,” says Doherty.

How ’bout advice for virtual learning from home? A recent innovation was inspired by the real-life challenges her four kids have faced.

“They needed to be able to zone out while doing their homework, so, I made them each these stations out of cardboard that they could move around the house and feel like they’re in their own cupboard,” she says with a smile.

Doherty says content on TikTok is authentic, she doesn’t feel pressure to appear perfect and it sure seems her approach is working.

“I’ll get hundreds of thousands of comments on a video,” she says. “TikTok’s reach is so unbelievable, it blows my mind.”

Her clever contraptions have garnered a ferocious following: 160,000 followers, 6 million likes and 40 million views.

“I created this great community of moms on there and it’s been so much fun during the pandemic,” says Doherty.

Creating this TikTok treasure trove has provided bonding moments with the kids. “My kids think that they’re cooler than me, know more than me which they probably do,” laughs Doherty.

So, what’s next? Making DIY centerpieces for the holidays. And Doherty will continue to dream up ways to make your life easier – and put a smile on your face – even during these trying times.

“Just have fun in life, have fun, try your best, live everyday with happiness,” she says.

Follow Doherty on TikTok @athomewithshannon or Instagram @shannonl.doherty.