NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Over 300,000 children in Connecticut are insured through Medicaid and advocates now worry that their healthcare could soon be in jeopardy. A federal budget being pushed by President Donald Trump includes deep funding cuts to Medicaid and other social safety nets.

“It really represents a massive disinvestment in the economy and the people of this state,” said Ellen Shemitz, executive director of Connecticut Voices for Children.

After getting a look at Trump’s budget proposal, Connecticut Voices for Children worry the massive cuts he seeks would be detrimental not just for those in need, but for Connecticut’s overall economy as well.

“It puts all of us at risk,” Shemitz said. “It puts at risk the healthy development of our children. Puts at risk the education of our future workforce.”

Trump’s proposal slashes $3.6 trillion over 10 years, in efforts to balance the federal budget. The cuts include $800 billion from Medicaid and $193 billion from food stamps, both critical safety nets for poor families.

“When children do well, when we invest strategically in children it benefits the entire state,” Shemitz said. “In terms of a more prepared workforce. In terms of less need for social services later on.”

Governor Malloy sounded off also, saying in a statement that Trump’s plan would devastate environmental programs, undercut educational initiatives, and prove detrimental to the sick, elderly, and poor. The statement continued by saying, “While we continue to analyze its impact on the state, it is abundantly clear that President Trump’s budget is abysmal for working Americans. In an effort to provide his wealthy friends tax breaks and fund his own unpopular projects…”

So far, President Trump’s budget proposal has gotten criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, making for a safe bet that there will be some changes before a finalized budget is voted on.