MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Two Connecticut High School girls wrote “The Boob Song” as a fun way to educate and drive home a serious message about the importance of breast health. Lauralton Hall students Elizabeth Garfield and Milly Koch, both 15, wrote the lyrics sing “God gave you these gifts, you should give them a test, to make sure they remain at their very best, because you’re blessed to have breasts.”

The girls hope the video will be used by other schools as part of the new Connecticut law requiring that all students receive age and developmentally appropriate instruction in performing self-examinations for breast cancer and testicular cancer. Research shows students who are taught in a fun way that is easy to understand in their age group have a much better understanding of their personal health and cancer risks. “Many girls at our school know someone who has fought breast cancer,” said Garfield who lives in Milford. “It’s personal to me because my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.” Koch, of Trumbull, knows the music video got some laughs as they were making it. “We wanted the song and video to be funny so that kids would be interested and pay attention. We certainly got a lot of attention when we were filming the video and holding up fruits like melons and oranges to our chests at the grocery store!”

Garfield and Koch are comfortable with the subject of breast self-exams since it has always been a part of their health class at the all-girls Catholic school in Milford. Several years ago, the school incorporated the Get In Touch Foundation’s step-by-step instruction into their curriculum. The Get In Touch Girls’ Program specifically targets girls in grades 5-12, but encourages men and women of all ages to know how to do breast self-exams.

And this song is certainly catchy and makes for one memorable video.