Two teen boys brutally attacked on CTtransit Route 238


Fights, drug use, even attacks on the bus driver.  News 8 has uncovered these repeated problems on CTtransit’s troubled Route 238.

In fact, since January 1 of this year Route 238, which runs along Dixwell Avenue from downtown New Haven to Hamden, has seen five cases of passengers or drivers assaulted.

There have also been more than two dozen cases of verbal disputes, fare evasion, smoking/drug use, and heavily intoxicated passengers on the bus, according to a transit spokesman.

“They have security guards for the schools, they need to have some for the bus because it’s getting out of hand,” said Abnisha Merritt, whose 13 and 16-year-old sons were brutally assaulted on Route 238 during the summer.

“He had a red blood clot in his eye, his face was swollen, his nose was swollen, he had knots and everything on his face,” she said.

She told us she was furious after learning the bus driver allegedly stood by and did nothing to help the boys.  “The bus driver got off the bus, watched it from the outside, got back on the bus, ain’t ask my kids if they were okay.  With all those cops being downtown, he didn’t wave a cop over, no nothing, and continued his route,” Merritt claimed.

It’s not the first time.  We showed you disturbing video in October of another adult-on-child beat down on the same bus route.  The driver in that case was reprimanded for not following policy on reporting the incident.  Merritt says maybe it’s time for a security force on buses.

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“They need to have somebody on that bus other than the driver.  I really think so,” she concluded.

CTtransit released the following statement saying, “If a rider is breaking the law and/or not following CTtransit rules, the operator is to do the following: pull the bus over at a safe and secure location, open all the vehicle doors, calmly instruct the passenger from the driver seat, and call base for supervisor/police assistance.”

No one has been arrested in connection to the attack on Merritt’s two sons.

Photo courtesy: MTA3306

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