WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)- Waterbury police arrested two men for the illegal possession of firearms and narcotics on Tuesday.

Waterbury police officers were patrolling Angel Drive and Hubbel Avenue around 5 p.m. due to complaints of weapons, narcotics and quality of life issues. Police said they identified an illegally parked car that appeared to be engaged in suspicious activity.

The driver of the car was identified as Reynaldo Garcia-Giron, 23, of North Walnut Street and the passenger, was identified as Dylon Mayo, 21, of Waterbury.

Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop and investigation of the car when it proceeded to accelerate forward and backward striking police cruisers in the area, according to police.

Garcia-Giron attempted to evade police by driving recklessly striking other nearby cars and a police cruiser causing the car to come to a stop in a wooded area off of a roadway. Garcia-Giron and Mayo were then taken into police custody.

Police began an investigation and located the following items: a 49.4 grams of crack cocaine, 50 bags of heroin, a loaded Glock 9mm handgun with a high-capacity magazine attached and several additional high-capacity magazines with various amounts of live ammunition. Both men did not possess a valid pistol permit.

A firearm seized from the scene (Image courtesy of the Waterbury Police Department)

Garcia-Giron is also listed on the “deadly weapon offender list,” parole and had a recent felony conviction for stealing a firearm, according to police.

Garcia Giron was charged with the following offenses: interfering with an officer, failure to obey an officer’s signal, criminal possession of a pistol or revolver, criminal possession of a firearm, criminal mischief in the first degree operating a drug factory, possession ½ ounce or more of cocaine, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, weapons in a motor vehicle, illegal sale or transfer of a pistol or revolver and additional motor vehicle-related charges.

Mugshot of Reynaldo Garcia-Giron (IMAGE CREDIT: WPD).

Mayo was charged with the possession of weapons in a motor vehicle, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of high-capacity magazines, operating a drug factory and illegal sale or transfer of a pistol or revolver.

Mugshot of Dylon Mayo (IMAGE CREDIT: WPD).

Both Mayo and Garcia-Giron were held by Waterbury police on $500,000 bonds, pending court arraignments on Wednesday.

Garcia-Giron was remanded to the custody of the state Department of Corrections.