NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Primary Day is ahead and there is no shortage of races that will have a local and statewide impact as people hit the polls on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Republicans will attempt to choose the candidate with the best chance of knocking off the longtime incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal for the U.S. Senate.

The three Republicans running for U.S. Senate include Themis Klarides, Peter Lumaj, and Leora Levy. They are making their final pitches to voters on the campaign trail before Tuesday’s primary races.

In an added twist to the race, Former President Donald Trump joined Levy in a tele-rally on Monday night after endorsing her candidacy last week.

“Leora’s an incredible success story. She’s been fighting for the Republican party for 40 years, including as a national commitment. She was one of the ones who said change that word to committeewoman,” said Former President Trump.

Themis Klarides met with voters in Seymour, in just one of her stops on Monday.

“We did a press conference and we talked about how I’m the law-and-order candidate. I’ve been endorsed by the Connecticut State Police Union and the fraternal order of Police throughout the state because I have fought for public safety,” said Klarides.

Primary day in Connecticut: Who is running for spots on the November ballot

Peter Lumaj told News 8 he did some interviews before coming face to face with potential voters in New Haven. Lumaj says he wants to do more to support our cities.

“We have let those cities completely down. Eighty years ago, Hartford was one of the richest and greatest cities in the United States. Today it’s one of the poorest and one of the most dangerous in the United States. Who’s been running that city? Democrats,” said Lumaj,

The three-way battle between the Republican candidates has gotten a little more bitter in recent weeks. All three candidates appeared together for a live debate from the News 8 studios on July 26.

Typically, many races heat up on the last day of the Campaign trail but the heat could play a bigger role in voter turnout as the heat wave continues tomorrow. Many people may be thinking more about a trip to the beach than a trip to the polls.