U.S. Senators Murphy and Blumenthal respond to Trump’s speech on shutdown, border security

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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and U.S. Senator Blumenthal released their statements after President Trump’s oval office address on the partial government shutdown and border security.

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Senator Murphy responds: 

“We are now in the third week of the Trump shutdown and nothing the president said tonight gets us any closer to a solution,” said Murphy. “The Senate unanimously passed legislation before the holidays that would have funded the government through February to give us time to reach a long term agreement, but right after it passed President Trump revoked his prior support because he didn’t get the money for his stupid wall. My constituents back home in Connecticut shouldn’t have to wonder when they’re going to get their next paycheck or when they’re going back to work because the president isn’t getting his wall that no one on the border wants anyway. President Trump and Senate Republicans need to end this shutdown and open the government today.”

 The government shutdown has been ongoing since December.

U.S. Senator Blumenthal responds: 

“The real crises here are of Donald Trump’s own making: dedicated public servants missing paychecks; taxpayers denied critical government services; economic hardship for small businesses and low income Americans. Far from forcing this issue to protect the American people, he is seeking to protect his own ego and pander to his base. Tonight, from the Oval Office, President Trump fed the American people divisive and distorted rhetoric ignoring the reality that a wall is wasteful, ineffective, and impractical. There’s a clear consensus that border security is necessary through better technology and other resources. Let’s reopen the government and have a real conversation about comprehensive immigration reform. President Trump’s continued reliance on falsehoods and xenophobic anecdotes rather than fact are roadblocks to progress.”

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