STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) – A University of Connecticut professor is making polymers from hemp. He says it is a better alternative to plastic.

Chemistry professor Greg Sotzing has developed a way to use an extract from the hemp flower to produce polymers, which are just as strong as plastic, but they are naturally biodegradable and antioxidant.

That means that after it is used as a cup or straw, it will break down and is not harmful to the environment or people like microplastics are. Because they’re safe to eat, the CBD polymers can also be used to deliver CBD to those who need treatments for certain parts of their bodies. The polymers can be made so they last longer than other drug delivery methods, that way, they don’t break down in the stomach and the CBD can reach where it needs to go.

Hemp can also be plentiful as a supply source.

“Hemp grows larger and more prominent than corn can,” Sotzing said. “There’s a reason why they call it weed.”

Sotzing has wanted to do this for a while. In fact, years ago, he used the same processes to make a polymer from another type of plant. In order to do this, he needed to wait for the Connecticut hemp laws to allow it.