Uncommon clouds that can be deadly


(WTNH) — Facebook and Twitter were flooded the other day with photos of a rare, only recently named cloud type near Boston.

It’s still unknown exactly why these form but they’re called asperatus clouds. So it got me wondering, what other rare clouds can you see, and which ones spell real danger?

These clouds are called Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability. They’re formed when two layers of air are moving at different speeds and in opposite directions. The top of the cloud begin to crest and create a wave-like formation.

A scud cloud can easily be mistaken for a tornado due to its appearance. We have seen them in Connecticut before, and they form in an updraft of a thunderstorm. They’re not associated with extreme damage, but lightning can strike nearby, so stay away from them.

Pyrocumulus clouds are rare in the US, but are most commonly formed from volcanic eruptions that create immense heat. We have also seen these form from large forecast fires in the western US.

Mammatus clouds appear as lumpy lobes in the sky. Their formation is relatively unknown but are almost always associated with severe weather. If you see these clouds, take cover!

It’s not a UFO! Lenticular clouds form as moist air flows over a mountain. The air rising over the mountain creates a disturbance in the flow, sometimes forming this cloud.

The arcus cloud forms as strong storms approach and look like a line of clouds rolling across the sky. Almost always accompanied by strong winds and even a tornadoes, if you see a shelf or roll cloud, severe weather is on the way.

Now forecasting rough weather by their clouds can be virtually impossible, so get the stormteam8 app to make sure you stay safe as rough weather heads towards Connecticut this summer!

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