WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) —  Students at the University of New Haven were able to apply everything they’ve learned in their college classes during a mock mass casualty and bomb explosion simulation on Monday.

“We’re really hoping our students get to see a bit of what real life is like,” said Elisa Lenahan, a junior at UNH.

The simulation involved a car bomb, which was the result of a terror attack. Again, all of it staged by students at the university. It’s being used as a teaching tool for those involved in the fire science, criminal justice, national security, forensics and EMS clubs.

After the explosion, students had to put all their learning experience into action. Some of which included securing the scene, rescuing victims, treating victims and investigating what happened.

“If they can touch it and do it they learn it much better and that’s what this is all about today,” said Wayne Sandford, with the University of New Haven.

The simulation will help prepare students as they enter their careers. Especially not knowing what they will one day come across.

“This kind of situation can happen anywhere,” said Nat Albrecht, senior at UNH. “We’ve seen it in the news many times.”