WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The University of New Haven held a town hall Monday night with the mayor of West Haven. Several people have called for her to resign after a city employee and others were charged with misusing COVID-19 federal money.

The calls for her resignation have been loud, but Mayor Nancy Rossi has said she will not step down.

West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi says she will not be resigning after ‘no confidence’ vote by city council

Four people have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to steal more than one million dollars in COVID relief funds and other money from the city. A state audit revealed most of the things the city spent COVID relief money on should have not been approved. Things like a brass marching band, summer sports camp, as well as PPE, and security.

State Rep. Michael DiMassa accused of defrauding City of West Haven of more than $630K, resigns from public office

A West Haven resident asked Rossi why she wasn’t aware of the fraud earlier. Rossi said she doesn’t oversee every detail as mayor.

“I am responsible for the day-to-day administration, but there’s a lot of people under me, and there’s different level of supervision during that,” she said. “If someone had brought something to me or brought that to me and pointed it out to me, I would have been happy to acknowledge it at that time and look into it, but they did not.”

Rossi said the finance department for the city is undergoing a lot of changes. The city has hired a procurement director, restructured the department, and hired and trained more staff.

Last month, West Haven City Council unanimously voted “no confidence” in Rossi. City Councilman Victor Borras attended the town hall and asked the mayor if she can guarantee that fraud never happens again.

The mayor responded, “I still love this job. It’s been a tough couple of months, but I do love this job. I think we have a wonderful city, and I do think we have a lot of potential.”

Rossi sat down with News 8 this week and talked about her response to those calling for her to step down.

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“I think I am the best one to still move West Haven forward. I’m trying very hard. I work a lot of hours and I put a lot of time in because I believe in West Haven, and I believe in the people, and I know the people who want to complain about this talk the loudest if you will. I’ve been getting a lot of texts, a lot of messages, people calling me to let me know, ‘please don’t resign, stay in, stay the path, you’re doing a great job,’” Rossi told News 8.