NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– University of New Haven students shared their political views with classmates Monday morning.

“We are pretty excited [for Tuesday’s primary],” political science professor Chris Haynes said. The campus is energized I think.”

Rob Granoth is the host of a political radio show at the university. He said hopefully with more students discussing politics, it will translate into people voting Tuesday.

“This is the first time people are interested in the election because we do have these very different candidates in there,” Granoth said. “Specifically for college campuses, I think they are swayed a little bit by that same thing that the primaries matter for the first time in a while.”

Haynes said it is not a traditional election and candidates are counting on the youth vote. Haynes added, “Because they are so issue-specific, they are a swing demographic to a certain extent, and Democrats and Republicans cannot take them for granted.”

Those about to graduate college say they are thinking about several issues that will impact their future.

“I’d like to be able to live on a minimum wage and still be able to live on my own so that is a major factor for me,” said Krystal Vera.

Steavi Swinson described the issues she’s concerned about. “Minimum wage, the gender gap, equality in the work force. Things like that. I’m about to go into the real world and face those issues so I would like to know that the next presidential candidate will support me on my views.”

“We also have a millennial generation that is coming of age and now they can vote,” Haynes said. “They are actually trying to take ownership of this country to a certain extent.”

There will be several primary watch parties spread around campus Tuesday night.