NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — A photographer in Newington created a fun series of photoshoots involving a toilet paper roll as a way to bring some laughter to the very serious coronavirus outbreak spreading across the world.

Last week, Kristen Vacca of The Flash Lady Photography LLC posted photos from a newborn photo shoot. The catch: the ‘newborn’ is a roll of white toilet paper.

The photos are cute and creative, showing ‘baby TP’ everywhere from swaddled in a blanket, to inside a baseball mitt, to the bath.

Earlier this week, we posted a sequel series of photos featuring a whole 12-pack of TP in a “cake smash shoot.”

Vacca tells News 8 the inspiration for the photoshoots came because she and her family – like so many of us – were having trouble finding TP for their home during the coronavirus crisis.

“Although I tend to prepare for things in advance,” Vacca explained, “in a weeks time we just didn’t anticipate not being able to find any in the stores or online.”

So, like any modern woman would do, she reached out to Facebook.

Luckily, one of her clients had an extra pack for her family to use.

A few days later, a friend of mine who is a baker in town started selling TP cakes and we had a good laugh about that. I had a newborn client scheduled soon and had purchased some specialty items for her and then all of a sudden I had to close the studio. So with my own business now closed due to the state regulations (and even prior to that due to physically working with newborns and children), I decided ‘hey, I wonder if I could do a newborn session with a roll of toilet paper using some of those items?’ And it was hilarious!

– The Flash Lady Photography/Kristin Vacca

Vacca says a lot of people said it made them laugh, so she knew she had something.

She started getting request for the next adventure for “Baby TP,” so she decided to do more.

“Let me tell you it’s hard to pose a 12-pack of toilet paper to pretend to eat cake with! 😉 But I’m just glad I can put a smile on so many people’s face about something as simple as creative photographs of toilet paper!”

She says it was important to her to bring this joy to people, “especially when a lot of us small businesses are closed and unsure when our next income is coming.”

Vacca has been a professional photographer for 10 years with a studio in Newington, CT. She specializes in newborn and child milestone photography, and dubs herself a storyteller first. You can see her work at her website: