VIDEO: Burglar in Oklahoma gets stuck in chimney

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Caught on camera — Firefighters in Oklahoma rescue a suspected burglar stuck in a chimney.

Police think he was trapped in there for around nine hours.

Surveillance video shows him getting to the business around midnight. No one knew he was in the chimney until employees heard him in the morning.

“He came in this morning and he heard a whining and crying noise and at first he thought it was a pigeon, we get pigeons stuck in there all the time,” an employee said. “So I listened closely and I heard help, so that’s whenever I left, closed the door and called the cops.”

They came and got him out.

First responders said he was exhausted. but didn’t appear to be injured.

The guy was caught on camera snooping around several other businesses.

Police say he planned to break into them too, but never made it because he got stuck first.

They think he was trying to steal copper.

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