Updated CDC guidelines to prevent foodborne illness


Imagine eating a delicious, healthy salad, full of leafy greens, then several hours later, you’re suddenly struck by an upset stomach.  

This is foodborne illness, which occurs half the time because of produce.  

The good news is that the CDC has updated their recommendations on how we can prevent it from happening. 

At the grocery store, the CDC recommends selecting pre-cut fruits that are refrigerated or kept on ice. 

Separate your fruits and veggies from other items like raw meat in your grocery bags.  

At home, wash your hands and any utensils before handling produce, and then wash the produce itself.

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Refrigerate the produce within two hours of cutting it.  

People at high risk of foodborne illness include children under five, adults older than 65, pregnant women, and people with weak immune systems.  

For your own health and the health of those you care for, be sure to remember these precautions when preparing meals.

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