BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) – Bristol police are investigating a “street takeover” where several hundreds of cars blocked off an intersection on June 17.

Police said on June 17, officers were detailed to the intersection of Farmington Avenue and Stafford Avenue for the report of several hundred cars blocking off the intersection. Bristol police said a new fad called “street takeover” is when illegal street racers block off intersections or portions of the roadway.

Police say during the takeover, the drivers perform illegal stunts with their cars that could endanger themselves, but also the crowd of spectators.

During the incident, Bristol police said several cars in the middle of the intersection were conducting unsafe behavior by spinning their tires and doing “donuts” and/or “drifting.”

“We are kind of concerned not only for the public but there are also many of these youth and young adults out there videotaping it in the middle of the street,” said Bristol Police Lieutenant Robert Osborne.

Bristol police have identified several cars through surveillance video of surrounding businesses. They are combing through social media, talking to witnesses, and getting more video footage, and they have identified a couple of people.

Darien Saint Pierre was in bed when the tires started screeching and he was too tired to see what it was. He was not the only one.

“It’s dangerous for everybody but I’m not surprised,” a man told News 8.

The intersection where it happened has a lot of restaurants, a car dealership, and a gas station, and though it’s late at night, people in the area say they also have a lot of emergency personnel coming through and it can be dangerous.

“It’s not safe, you could have an ambulance going through, cops going through, kids, you never know,” said Shiraz Kahn of Bristol.

“After I saw the video, a few days later they were saying certain towns were doing it with the new graduates recently, I don’t know what towns are doing it but I heard it’s a new thing,” said Stephanie Martin of Bristol.

Bristol police say this is a nationwide problem spawned by social media. While they do not want to say exactly how they are approaching it, they are looking at other places where this has happened in the state.

“I can’t name any specific towns right now, but we have been actively investigating it and reaching out to those area towns that have had this issue in the past,” Osborne said.

Police ask anyone who has information or video of the incident to contact them at 860-584-3011.