A TSA agent and a 7-year-old were an unlikely dancing duo at a Florida airport.

The dance move flossing made famous by “Backpack Kid,” Russell Horning on SNL after Katy Perry had found him. 

“Katy Perry actually saw me like on Instagram and was like scrolling around and she was like, hey, this kid gives some good vibe. I’m gonna email him and try to get him onto the show with me,” said Backpack Kid. 

Flossing is now a global phenomenon from a factory in Sweden to a football field in New Orleans to Kelly and Ryan. 

But you’d be hard pressed to find a cuter version than this one. 

Seven-year-old Preston Richards from Port St.Lucie was on the upper level of Orlando’s International Airport when it turns out he found a dance partner on the floor below, an officer at the TSA checkpoint. 

That TSA agent was on his way to a break but decided he’d give Preston his all. 

And it turns Preston was already on a high because his mother said that he’d won a dance competition. 

Preston says what it was like in that other dance off with the TSA officer. 

“I felt excited, overwhelmed, it really made my day,” said Preston. 

Preston, you’ve made ours.